August 9, 2017

Flower Power – PROVOKR


“American fine artist and photographer Christopher Beane creates beautifully psychedelic art from paint and his photographs of flowers. There is a profound sense of power in his use of color and tension with nature in these unique images. Each is an arresting portrait and unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.

We can feel the history and dedication of both Robert Mapplethorpe‘s and Georgia O’Keefe‘s work with flowers in Beane‘s collection, on view at Jim Kempner in New York City. But we are in a brand new and unique place with Beane‘s vibrant assault of color combined with his gorgeous, delicate photography. Our senses go wild.

Beane is a classically trained portrait artist who turned his camera on the flower industry for employment. He began with flower portraits in color and black and white, which are exquisite. This current curation of his work is so intriguing, we wonder where he will go next. And we want to go with him.”


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